April Shop Notes

April has been busy so far.  I finished one large dining table, 46″ x 90″, four boards wide. All four boards were from the same tree.  Really nice looking.  Since the top was large and a full inch thick, I beefed up the base, using 2 1/8″ legs, 1″ thick rails.  Two hefty side-to-side cauls screwed under the top  with my expansion washers keep the top flat, and are screwed  to the inside each of the end rails.

I have two more tables to go: long, thin hall table and a round coffee table.

By far the most interesting project was a set of  Jack-in-the-pulpit lights. The client wanted them wall mounted instead of hanging from the ceiling; with no metal showing.  I decided on a dovetail key and slot, cherry to match.  First I cut  strips and dovetailed them with a 1/2″ router bit.  Then I traced the rough outline of the curved back onto the side of the strip and cut it on the band saw.  To clean the cut and get a perfect fit, I stuck a piece of PSA sandpaper onto the back, sanded the strip back and forth until it fit, then removed the sandpaper and glued the dovetailed strip in place.  The key was cut with the same bit, fit properly, cut to length and screwed to the wall.  Since hollow wall anchors were used, I ovalized the screw holes to allow for side-to-side adjustment to be sure that the lights were perfectly plumb.                                 C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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