May Shop Notes

With all the outdoor chores come spring, time in the shop is even more precious. This year, I’m already three days behind.  My current project is a 7-drawer chest.  Nothing unusual about that, except this is my northern most piece.  In mid June it will be shipped to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada.  For the geographically challenged, Inuvik is located on the Mackenzie River just below the Arctic Ocean, where the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska almost meet. (Map National Geographic © 1975)

The drawer parts are cut, sized, grooved and the sides have the tails sawn and chiseled, ready for the pins on the drawer fronts and backs. When completed, the entire face gets sanded and polished.  The drawer bottoms are glued up and 12 knobs need to be turned.  Then the top gets edged, sanded and applied.  One more week and it will be ready for the finish.  Then the chest is crated and sent on its way, about 2,800 air miles, or 4,660. miles by road.  A bit too far for me to deliver… but what a trip.          C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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