June Shop Notes

June brings another rarity to the shop.  As you know, most of my work is in cherry, to me the ultimate, nearly perfect wood: great color, very workable, good structural strength, well behaved, native, and since I buy from Kane Hardwoods, sustainably harvested.  My most recent commission called for teak.  At nearly six times the price of cherry, it is not a wood I work with very often.  It does have two major points in its favor: First it is extremely decay resistant, great for boats and outdoor furniture.  Second, although very heavy and dense, it is remarkably stable.

The project involved turning a European bed (63″ x 78″) into an American queen size (60″ x 80″), and raising the top of the mattress to 22″ high.   I salvaged the head and foot boards and rails, but had to make new side rails, posts, and a center support for slats and mattress.  When freshly milled, teak is a tobacco brown with shades of green.  In time it takes on a more reddish color.  In a few months, the parts should all look identical.                             C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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