Sander Wanted!

I’ve owned three belt sanders in my life: Derek Sanderson and Col. Sanders, both Skill 449s, and Sandy (she has a much higher pitch, a Porter-Cable 503). These heavy-duty models were affectionately know as “freight trains”.   Skill stopped making the 449s in the ’90’s, and Porter-Cable ceased production of the 503 in the early part of this century.  Derek Sanderson  is now a parts machine, while both Sandy and Col. Sanders are on their last legs.  The only sanders available today are plastic weenie toys, most of which cannot be repaired.

So I need help.  I’m looking for either a Skill 449 or a Porter-Cable 503, in very good working condition.  I’ve bought two on e-bay, and sent them back.  Both were overpriced parts machines.  If anyone knows of one (or both!) on good condition, please let me know.  Just get in touch through the web-site:         C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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