September Shop Notes

September has been a diverse month in the shop. I’ve made a four panel pine closet door, a book case, a small Shaker wall cabinet and two lecterns.  The door doesn’t require a lot of description, and was a rather straightforward project.  The other three pieces were more interesting.

The book case was a custom order, with three fixed shelves, at specific intervals for specific books.  The sides and back are frames with flush panels.  It would go well next to a bed, near a favorite chair or next to a desk .  At 36″ in height, the case would also make nice base for a piece of sculpture.

The small Shaker wall cabinet is something I’ve had various classes build throughout the years.  Not a strict copy, rather it is a melding of several Shaker designs.  Most of the smaller cabinets  (it’s only 18″ tall) had single board doors, but this one has a frame and panel door, with a small spinner inside the door.  The original, as well as the ones we usually build in classes are pine.  This one is cherry. The interior has two removable shelves.

Finally, the newest design: a book stand or lectern.  As usual, the most current project is always my favorite.  This one took a bit of brainstorming and a few pages of sketches.  I finally narrowed it down to 8 possibilities, and decided to build two: one for a client (same legs, but with a paraboloid base) and my favorite, the “Z” shape, with two straight feet.  Both were made of cherry, ebonized with dye and given a spray coat of satin lacquer.  Very graceful, lightweight yet sturdy.  I can even picture it in front of an orchestra.                                          C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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