November in the Shop

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I have too many chores yet to complete: projects to finish before the holidays, two prototypes to build (which I’ve been planning for several years), articles to write, fir tips to cut to be made into wreaths for this year’s clients, and the van to unpack from a show I just attended.  It was a wonderful exhibit in Northport, ME, an idyllic location at a conference center on a wooded hillside overlooking the Atlantic.  It’s always a treat to meet new as well as familiar friends, clients and woodworkers.

Of special interest this past month in the shop was a  commission I’ve been hoping for for a long time: a reader’s bed.  For years I’ve had a two big slabs of cherry sitting around, waiting for the right project.  A librarian wanted a reader’s bed, one that you can comfortable sit and read in.  I made a 26″ high, 72″ wide headboard from one of the slabs.  The best part was that the headboard was tilted back 20°.  It turned out very well.  I got to inset a small beach stone and carve two initials into the center.  The head posts have 18″ long bridle joints at the bend, while the foot posts have carved facets at the top, to match the live-edge carved surface at the top of the head board.                                                   C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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