November Bits & Pieces

I recently had the honor of leading a private tour at the Portland Museum of Art for the exhibit “Gather Up The Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection.” If you happen to be in Maine, the exhibit is well worth the trip.  It runs through February 5, 2012.

We had a white Thanksgiving this year.  About 11″ here in New Gloucester.  Made for some messy driving, especially since my snow tires were still in the shed.  Deer season ended on Saturday, so we can stop wearing our florescent orange hats, vests and jackets.  The Sunday after the end of deer season I spend about 4 hours in the woods clipping balsam fir branches to be made into wreaths by our long time friend, Willow.  Most years it takes 70 to 90 pounds of fir tips.  Clients who purchased one or more of my pieces during the preceding year get a decorated wreath for Christmas. I think this is the 21st or 22nd year I’ve carried on this tradition.

Music Stand VI was accepted into the “Maine Wood 2012” exhibit at the Messler Gallery in Rockport, ME.  It features lyrics from “Small, Swift Birds” by Michael Timmins of the Canadian band the Cowboy Junkies, one of my favorite groups.  My music stands are engraved with a song or poem of your choice.  The top is adjustable by about 14″, by way of a sliding dovetail through the upper portion of the center post.  It is held in place by an ebony violin peg.  The base consists of a laminated parabola, curved inward 15° to meet the legs.

The exhibit runs through April 2012.  C. H. Becksvoort © 2011

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