February Shop Notes

February has been another slow month.  I’m managed to keep busy with a variety of chores.  First, I had to make a run of 20 dogwood dovetail markers, something I do once a year.  I also added a new saw rack into the toolbox.  The major event of the month was the filming of a DVD at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, tentatively titled “A Guide for Woodworkers: Understanding the Material”.  The actual shooting took only two days, but the prep work was close to three weeks: the script, graphics, a corner of a table top model,  dozens of wood samples, and a small display cabinet, the parts of which disassemble to show the construction process.

The rest of the month has has been taken up with a chair design that has been sitting in the attic since around 2002 (notice the darkening of the seat, which had a few things placed on it).  This mock-up was made with fir 2 x 2s, bent plywood and drywall screws.   I added arms (not yet shown), and discovered that the chair is really quite comfortable, which beside structural integrity, is most important. I plan on a side chair and an arm chair, cherry, with formed lumbar support and a padded leather seat.  The lower side rails will be moved up, under the seat.    Definitely a Danish influenced design.                     C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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