March Shop Notes

March has been an interesting month, weather-wise, and in the shop.  Maple buckets (and now tubes as well), have been out for a few weeks.  All in all it’s been a rather mild winter: below average snowfall, lousy snowshoeing and very limited skating.  March started with an 8″ snowfall, but quickly warmed up, to the point where we had two days of above 80° temperatures.  Not normal for Maine.  This is the earliest that I can remember having the return of the first woodcock, phoebes and even ticks.  Crocuses are up and blooming, and even daffodils are about to blossom.

In and around the shop, I’ve been busy with variety of jobs and chores.  As I  mentioned in Dec/Jan., I designed and built a new coffee table, complete with Freshwater Pearl granite inlay.  Very handsome, shown below with the chairs.

And the aforementioned new chairs designs were finally completed.  This is what resulted from the prototype (February Shop Notes) that was kicking around the attic for about ten years.  Yes, they are definitely of Danish influence, and no, they are not cutting edge. But they are comfortable, and well made:  a bentwood seat with a dense foam core,  oil-tanned leather upholstery, steamed cherry back and cherry frame. Comfort and structural integrity are my most important criteria for chair designs.  There are a lot of good looking chairs on the market, but only a few you’d want to spend time sitting on. Mine are available as armchairs and side chairs.  A professional photo, and prices will be posted in the New Work, Prototypes & One of a Kind section of the site soon.          C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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