April News

Spring is on the way, finally.  Daffodils, quinces and forsythias are all in bloom. A few more weeks and the lilacs will be out.  And so the spring chores begin:  the garden was tilled by a neighbor, the screen door was put in, and after a soaking rain, the lawn needed its first mowing.  The first time is always fun, after that, it gets tedious.

I’ve spent more time at the computer this month than in the shop.  As I mentioned previously, I shot a DVD at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, which should be out soon .  In the process, I also had to build a teaching cabinet, showing how a typical solid-wood case goes together:  two different backs, two different tops, removable web frame and inner shelf, removable mitered base, and drawers, panel door with inset spinner, etc.

While doing the DVD, I decided to have my 30 year old book re-printed.  I got in touch with John Hoffman and Chris Schwarz at Lost Art Press, and they agreed to re-publish it in hardback (printed in the USA).  So the entire book had to be typed onto my Apple.  Of course, a lot has changed in 30 years, so every chapter needs updating.  And the last chapter on Working with Solid Wood had to be completely re-written.  Its keeping me busy.  Lastly, the 30 photomicrographs of wood end-grain were not returned by the original publisher, so they will need to be re-shot at the Univ. of Maine wood lab.  If all goes well, it should be off the press in early fall.  Stay tuned.     C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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