May News

Spring came early in Maine this year.  Most of the bulbs have gone by, lilacs are fading, and all the trees, except white ash are in full leaf.  Spring peepers, tree frogs and bull frogs are making themselves heard, as are the returning birds.

In the shop, there was only one project of interest.  I was asked to make 24 picture frames.  I used pine, milled to 3/4″, then ripped to 5/8″, and rabbeted to accept the art and the glass.  Then I mitered 48 short sides and 48 long sides, taped them alternately end to end, glued the miters and taped the last corner.  Once the glue was dry I cross nailed each corner, countersunk and filled the holes.  Then each frame had to be sanded, and finally painted.  Two coats satin black, with a brush, not sprayed..  They turned out quite well.  Fortunately, they were all the same size, which made it much easier.

The rest of the month was spent typing the book, taking photos and arranging everything in order.  I needed 30 photomicrographs of end-grain wood samples, and the good folks at the University of Maine School of Forest Resources sent me samples from their collection.  At left is my wood of choice, black cherry (Prunus serotina) magnified about 25x.  The wood is diffuse porous, meaning that the pores are distributed more or less evenly throughout the growth ring.  The pores are small and consistent in size, making the wood a joy to work with.            C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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