September in the Shop

Yet another summer has come and gone in Maine.  After Labor Day, the weather seems to change noticeably, and fall is definitely on the way.  We’ve had three frosts this month already, and the leaves are turning; white ashes are starting to loose their leaves, the red maples are in full color, and the sugar maples are showing the first hints of orange.  Each morning Spirit and I go for our 2 or 3 mile walk, and the sun comes up a bit later each day.  Goldenrod has given way to pink, purple and light blue asters.

In the shop I’ve had a variety of small projects and a few bigger ones as well.  Friends, restoring an old cape, asked me to make a built-in for their front hall.  Its a rather narrow space, about 30″ wide, and from floor to ceiling.  It is on the side of a chimney, the bottom portion being the fireplace,  while the top is only the flue, off to the far side.  Stairs come down behind the chimney.

The unit has a small cupboard  with two adjustable shelves behind the upper door, while the lower section is a fake paneled door where the fireplace is located.  The entire face was measured and laid out in place, made in the shop and installed in under a half hour.  The face frame and door frames are quarter sawn white pine, while the panels are  18″ boards of clear, New Gloucester white pine.  Finished with just boiled linseed oil, it will turn a nice pumpkin color in a few months.  The small triangle under the stairs will have a face frame and access door for storage in the near future.

The big project this September was a cherry corner cupboard, made of some really fine boards from Kane Hardwoods, my cherry supplier of choice.  The back is a single board, while the 45° corner frames are V-kerfed and re-glued, so that the grain folds around the front and the sides.   There are three adjustable shelves above and and one below.  The door panel is book matched and figured.

The best part was figuring the lighting in the upper section.  I settled on four LED strips, recessed into the back of the face frame, facing inward, with a small switch in the corner.  All the wiring and the small transformer are in the back, invisible once the cabinet is installed.    C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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