November 2012

Pencil post tifAnother November has come and gone.  Another busy month in the shop.  There were several small projects: candle holders, a sign that had to be carved and painted, and a few odds and ends.  The big project of the month was a pencil post bed, queen size, in cherry.  It’s quite a chore hauling 12/4 planks  and band-sawing, tapering and routing and finally hand sanding the raw wood into four graceful tapers.  I try to improve each item over the last one , and in this case, found a new way to bury the nuts in the rails to receive the bed-bolts.  I used to drill a 1″ hole, shim and hide the nut with a 1″ plug.  Now, I make a 1/2″ x 1″ slot, shim the nut and cover the hole with a rectangular insert.

pondNovember is also a month of  a few shows.  For the second year, I was in Northport, ME for the Artful Gift show.  A successful show at my favorite venue.  We also had a small show right here in New  Gloucester.  And there were the usual getting ready for winter chores: firewood, snow tires,  getting the snow blower ready to work, and cutting balsam fir tips for wreaths.  This fall we were spoiled by mild weather, but November changed that.  The pond up the road is now solidly frozen, and last night brought the first snow.  C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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