December 2012

_G8A0071Another year over and done with. Quite a year for me:  a new grand-son, teaching in Germany, a TV appearance, and book and DVD to come out early in 2013. As per past experience, December managed to fill up to overflowing without any effort on my part.  Lots of small projects, candle-holders, boxes, counter and a glass-topped coffee table.

A few visitors and lots of happy clients.

Most of the month was rather Spiritmild, with a deluge of rain.  Finally, just before Christmas, winter arrived.  There was a pittance of snow for the holidays, and then on the 27th, we got 11″, followed two days later by another 6″.  Regardless of weather, Spirit and I go out twice daily for walks.  Usually just a mile up or down the road.  Sometimes, we’ll cut diagonally across our property, through the woods, along logging roads, and then follow the stone wall back to the house and shop.  There are always deer, turkey and snow shoe hare tracks.  Sometimes moose, and on rare occasions, wing marks, where a great horned owl swooped down to grab some unwary critter.

Hoping that 2013 brings peace, health and happiness.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2012

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