February 2013

FEB snowFebruary 2013 turned out to be the “Almost ” month. First, we almost broke the snowfall record.  On the 8th and 9th we had 29″ of powder.  Quite the northeaster, but it arrived on a weekend and almost got us a snow day.  The rest of the month produced another 22″, on three more occasions, the last heavy and wet.

In the shop, I completed a six foot bookcase with a drawer, and almost finished four Haystack chairs.  These will be upholstered in dark green leather and will be going to DC in March.

A set of 3 DVDs that were shot 3 years a go were supposed to be ready,  almost up and running,  in March.  Likewise, “With the Grain”, printed February 20, hasn’t shown up yet, and almost made it in February.  It is being shipped as I write.  For more info, go to http://www.lostartpress.com/With_the_Grain_by_Christain_Becksvoort_p/bk-wtg.htm

C. H. Becksvoort © 2013

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