April 2013

AprilApril is almost over, and spring is definitely on the way.  Each year it’s always such a pleasant surprise: the early sunrises, warmer temperatures, the return of the birds, and the blooming of the first bulbs, first the snow drops and snow flakes, then the early crocuses, followed by daffodils, scillas, and huge patches of violets and the trout lilies.  The “peent” of woodcocks start just after sundown, followed shortly thereafter by the  spring peepers.

This year the Maine Crafts Association had a group booth at CraftBoston.  I was juried in, CB 2along with three jewelers.  It was not a great week to be in Boston, with the tragedy at the Marathon, the the lock-down on Friday.  The show was cut short by one day.  But what a show it was, with some of the best crafts-people  from New England and around the country: glass, clothes, baskets, furniture, pottery, jewelry,  mixed media, leather and metal.  There was even a custom shoe maker. In my section of the booth, the wall shelf, music stand and the 15-drawer chest received the most attention. CraftBoston is definitely one of the nicest shows I’ve had the privilege to be part of.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2013


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