June 2013

butlerWeather wise, June was not so great.  Lots of rain and humidity.  Not the best conditions for woodworking.  In the shop, things were better.  I finally finished the Butler’s Desk, which turned out very well. It was interesting enough to be turned into a FWW article, due out later this year.  As mentioned previously, it was a challenge, fitting the quadrant stays, hinges, catches and lock.  The four small interior drawers and three pigeon holes make this a really useful and efficient desk.   The piece was shot at the 1794 Shaker Meeting House at Sabbathday Lake, ME.

Speaking of the Shakers, the museum director, Leonard L. Brooks retired this month.  The retirement party was a joyous occasion, with delicious food, lots of friends and wonderful speeches.  We were all most honored to have the Portland String Quartet  provide music, finishing up with a wonderful rendition of “Simple Gifts”.  Not even the rain could put a damper on the festivities.

3-stepOn June 15 and 16 I had a chance to teach at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, in Warren, ME.  We made a white pine Shaker 3- step stool, using only hand tools (except a band saw to cut the arches).  The parts were pre-glued, but had to be planed smooth.  Then we laid out, sawed and chiseled dovetails for the three steps and four braces.  The class was sold out months ago, and all 15 participants worked hard, and enjoyed a weekend of woodworking.  Everyone had their stool ready for gluing and assembly by the time the class ended.  My thanks to Thomas, Deneb, and  Marta for making this a successful workshop.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2013

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