July 2013 in the Shop

TableJuly continues hot and humid.  It’s a real treat to have AC in the shop.  Used to be that I’d be sanding and a drop of sweat would leave a gray spot on cherry.  I’d sand it out and get two more drops…

The best project this month was a three legged maple table.  A client brought in a 4″ thick maple cross section.  It had been in the barn for over a decade, and had only surface checks.  I figured that wouldn’t last, and told them so.  After it was re-sawn to two 2″ slabs, and brought into the shop, it cracked directly to the center within 4 hours.  The shrinkage in circumference (tangential direction) is twice that of the radial direction.

Nonetheless, I had it sanded down to 1 3/4″ and then polished it to 320 grit, oiled it and put it aside to construct the base.  I sent the clients about a dozen different design options for the base, and lo and behold, they picked the nicest one.  Each of the three legs is a 90° angle, supported by an arch.  The top portion is connected with a metal spider, and all three legs are joined by a center tapered rail.  From a low angle it looks quite Gothic.

Next project is a 15 drawer chest going to Alberta, Canada.  I’d love to deliver it in person, but it makes no economic sense.   Roughly a 4,000 mile round trip.     C. H. Becksvoort © 2013

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