October 2013

leavesOctober is that magic month between the last summer days and the beginning of winter.  At the end of September leaves are just starting  to turn, and by the end of October, ice is forming along the edges of the pond.  This year was especially nice, with great weather and a wonderful Open House on October 5.  It was very well attended by friends, clients and neighbors, and I sold two tables, a lamp and many books and DVDs.  All 5 DVDs are now available, A Craftman’s Guide to Understanding Wood from Lie-Nielsen http://www.lie-nielsen.com/dvds/, and the four EllKat DVDs can be downloaded direct from www.TheLessonStore.com,  or bought through my website (Cool Stuff, or For Woodworkers).

CBI also managed to get on to the cover of FWW yet again, the December special issue Tools & Shop.  My studio was listed as an example of a  big shop, Mike Pekovich came up to do some really nice photos, and I had a chance to clean up, to get it to look presentable.  Also in the works for FWW are two articles on dovetails, a stool and the butler’s desk article has yet to make an appearance.

The week after Mike left, I finally decided to build my own standing desk for the office corner.  It deskhas been on my “to do” list for almost 6 years. Better late than never.  So it didn’t appear into the Tools & Shop issue, but it sure makes it easier to write, take notes, make drawings and get things organized.  I had to squeeze it between the file cabinet and the window, yet leave room for the 3-phase switch on the wall.  So two thirds is a slanted writing desk and one third is flat for an iPad or a cup of coffee.  Best of all it has a foot rail of the correct height, which makes life much easier on my back. Underneath, I installed a shelf for big catalogs, and a few CDs.

October is also the time for the Friends of the Shakers Work Weekend.  Lots of weeding, raking, brush cutting, screen removal, window washing, and moving picnic tables and benches in for the winter.   November is your last chance to get raffle tickets for the Shaker Roundstand (for details, see below, July 2013).  The Drawing will be held at the Shaker Christmas Fair on December 7.  Hope to see some of you there.

By the way, I’m still looking for a Skil 409 or Porter Cable 503 belt sander in good working order.  C.H.Becksvoort ©  2013

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