It’s November, again

pond Each year the first cold appears as a shock.  You wake up one morning and the lawn is white with a hard frost.  The fabulous colors of October have given way to the grays, browns and ultimately white of November.  The pond up the road has a thin skim of ice, which is usually gone by noon.  This year at Thanksgiving, we got a real hard freeze, and the pond is most likely frozen until spring.  It’s thick enough to walk and skate on.   The weekend after Thanksgiving also marks the end of deer season in Maine.   That means no more orange hats and vests.  But now it’s thick jackets, felt lined boots and heavy mittens.  Each morning the sun rises a bit later, and sets sooner.  During the summer we have almost 16 hours of sunlight, while at the time of the winter solstice it’s a bit more than 8 hours.

In the shop I start a fire every morning.  I’ve got heat, but it’s set at about 50°, so the fire makes it a lot more comfortable.  In November I had a bunch of small projects, including a 6 arm chandelier and a new-one-of-a-kind walnut 4-arm chandelier.  Just started is a 5- drawer chest, which needs to be done, finished and delivered before Christmas.

C.H.Becksvoort ©  2013

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