Banned from the shop

So… what do you do when you’re banned from the shop for three weeks? It’s only been
a week, but the frustration is already at the boiling point. I mean, my shop is not just my job, my identity, my livelihood, it’s also my man cave, my solace, my sanctuary of meditation.

I got a new hip last week. It’s a miracle, really. No muscles were cut, but you’re left with a 6” incision, the ball at the end of your femur is sawn off, a titanium replacement is pounded into the bone, (surprisingly similar to the spinning wheel shaft repair I did last month), a plastic-lined cup glued to your hip, and you’re stapled shut and up and walking seven hours later. An amazing procedure, considering that I could hardly get my sock on or tie my right shoe before the operation.

What do I get to do around the house? Grouse a lot, and practice with the walker through the kitchen, living room, front hall, dinning room, and around again. I have specific exercises, in addition to walking as much as possible. And there is the ever present computer: e-mails to answer, the Boston Bruins to keep track of, starting a proposal for another FWW article, answering reader questions, but I can only keep that up a half to an hour at a time before frustration returns. Not being able to drive doesn’t help, either. I’ve got my iPod going, but it’s not the same, if you’re not pushing a plane or whacking a chisel. And I really miss walking my dog twice daily. I guess it’s the lack of the physical exertion  that is hardest to handle.

Shaker legsA few days before I had just started a Shaker sewing desk.  The legs are 1 7/16″ x 2 1/4″.  The turnings are for me the most difficult part: cutting straight into a spinning rectangle without tearing off any of the four corners is not the easiest thing to do.  Then you get to do it three more times.  It takes a steady hand, and I got lucky.  Four legs out of five tries.  The mortises and panel grooves are all laid out, just waiting for me to get back into the shop.  I can’t wait.

C.H. Becksvoort © 20014

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