FWW Collection Looking for a Home


Not being in the shop has its pluses and downsides.  I wander around the house a lot looking for things to do.  The desk behind my computer has been piling up with Fine Woodworking magazines.  After 27 years, I’ve run out of shelf space.  Can’t put them where they belong, and don’t want to have them hogging my desk,  so they are going up for sale.  Yes, all 240 issues, 8 or 10 with me on the cover (you’d think they could come up with something more original than “Man in shop, screwing around”).

new fww

All for only $475. plus shipping.   That’s 8 bundles of 30 each, for a total of about 160 lbs.  You might consider driving to Maine to pick them up.  It’s a great place to vacation, and you can take in a workshop at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community (check it out in the Events section, also the Record #405 Multiplane in  the Specials section).

First check for $475. gets the collection.  All others will be returned.  Send to C.H. Becksvoort, Box 12, New Gloucester, ME 04260.

C.H. Becksvoort©2014

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