July News

Summer weather is in hot swing, so to speak.  Deer flies are out and the air is humid and still.  The early summer flowers are gone, replaced by black eyed Susans, clover, bunchberries and the fragrant blossoms of the Linden tree.  At night with the fan on, it smells like honey.









Last summer my camera went through the washer.  It survived.  This summer, the camera went on vacation,  or at least it sat idle for two weeks.  I made a small half round table, 32″ wide and 16″ deep, tapered legs, bowed front skirt, all cherry.  Simple, understated and one I should have photographed, but forgot.

The weekend of July 11 & 12 was the annual Lie-Nielsen open house.  It really is something to look forward to every year.  Such great people, and amazing tools.  I was fortunate to be upstairs in the main classroom, next to the AC and the coffee machine.  I had my teaching cabinet, did a few DT demos, sold a few books and DVDs, and spent a lot of time talking wood, joinery,  business, design, tools and chatting up fellow woodworkers. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.  Fortunately, Robin took some nice  photos.  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152214121253016.1073741897.100708343015&type=1  Better yet, there was a video crew on hand, and they caught me a few times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6hfDsD5mt4&list=UUv4YYB2UbfkMc1LiWWYL5sw    There were also a great group of exhibitors: Peter Follansbee, Chris Schwarz & John Hoffman of Lost Art Press, Mary May, Matt Kenney of Fine Woodworking, Matt Bickford, Peter Galbert, Megan Fitzpatrick of Popular Woodworking, and Isaac Smith of Blackburn Tools, among others.  And of course the lobster dinner.  Definitely the highpoint of July 2014.

As I mentioned in the May 2014 post, my wife was asked to a series of photos for the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum.  After hundreds of shots, she narrowed it down to 16 of the best and made them into cards to be sold at the reception center.  I got to make the display rack, painted with blue milk paint.  It turned out pretty well for a “not-for-profit” item.

card display

My favorite of all 16 is the closeup of the end of the bench in the Shaker Meeting House.  Two straight lines and the curved end, 1794 original blueberry milk paint, with the wood showing through. Unadorned with great lighting.  Less is more…

for chris 2Photo by M. A. Stevens-Becksvoort © 2014

C. H. Becksvoort © 2014

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