August 2014

The end of summer.  Goldenrod is in full bloom, and the swamp maples are turning bright red.  Nights are cooler, and the swallows have departed.

In the shop, I finally finished the letter opener that I started in May (see Metal work, for a change, May 16, 2014, below). It took a while to locate Moose bone, but I got a piece from Gerry Hoff of Maine Bonecarving   It turned very well.  The handle, cherry burl, was a bit more difficult.  I cut it in half, routed out space for the blade shaft, drilled and filed a rectangular slot in the bone, epoxied the parts together and made a jig to hold the blade to do the lathe work.  Not bad for a first effort, I think.

IMG_0701I’ve had a lamp base in the attic for a few years and at long last decided to make a shade.  The base is face turned cherry, the post is spindle turned cherry, hollow for the electric cord, and the shade is maple veneer, 13″ at the top, and 15″ at the bottom.


C.H. Becksvoort © 2014

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