November 2014

This November brought us right into winter.  The last week saw a 9″ wet, heavy snowfall, with lots of downed trees and branches, and a loss of power for 15 hours.  That’s not a good thing when you’re in the middle of peeling chestnuts and making pumpkin pie just before Thanksgiving.  I hauled out the generator first thing in the morning, but only needed to run it for 3 hours before the power was restored.  The snow looked nice, though.  Right after the storm, the weather cleared, and brought us our first night of below zero temperature.

IMG_0793Sometimes when it’s windy and cold, spirit comes into the shop to spend a few minutes, then wants back out.

Spirit IIn the shop, I’ve almost finished a Shaker trestle table.  It’s 8′ long, cherry, with turned legs, and  those nice arched feet.  The center rail is attached to the two feet with 4 bed bolts, the nuts of which have to be buried and concealed in the rail.  It’s always a challenge to hide a 3/4″ nut in a 1″ thick rail.  You have to look carefully to see them.

IMG_0787On long tables and any glue up longer than 6′, I use my Lie-Nielsen #7 jointer plane to match the edges of the individual boards.  They get clamped to the shooting board, and planed until the entire joint between the two adjacent boards is light tight.  My 8″ power jointer can’t do that.

IMG_0790On a 40″ wide top I glue up two halves, have them wide belt sanded, then glue them together.  Once the base is assembled, and the top glued, it’s ready for breadboards.  They were supposed to be done last week, but Thanksgiving got in the way. In two more days  the table will be done, sanded, and oiled.  By the end of next week it will have had 4 coats of oil, and will be ready for its trip to Oklahoma.


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