Snowy February 2015

It’s been quite the month.  The first time in memory that the snow has been up to the middle of the windows.  Granted, most of that slid off the roof, but still, I have snow trenches about 3′ deep around the house and up to the garden shed.  Cold too.  I think we had two days in February when the temperature crawled above freezing.  More nights below zero than I can remember.  Here is what -24°F (-31°C) lo0ks like at dawn:IMG_0133 In the shop things have been moving right along, although a bit slower than usual because of a cracked rib.  Just yesterday I put the last coat of oil on a tall cabinet, a custom piece with four asymmetrical drawers, two doors and a few assorted bells and whistles.  The door panels and drawer fronts are made from one piece of figured wood that I’ve saved for several years for just the right project. IMG_0941 The grain really moves and shines under the right light.   And of course the doors have the spinners enclosed in the door frames as featured in FWW #246.  Between shoveling the driveway and roof, I also managed to build a small coffee table, which is almost ready for oil.

C.H. Becksvoort © 2015

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