April 2015

April, as usual, stated out drab and dismal.  We had flurries and rain and piles of dirty snow, that didn’t seem want to depart.  Then on April 12, spring arrived.  The temperature soared from the mid 40’s to the 60’s, and stayed that way for a week.  The snow melted away and suddenly we had a clear yard.  Snow drops popped up, followed by crocuses and daffodils.  IMG_0570Red-winged blackbirds arrived,  woodcocks, tree swallows and on April 17 we heard the first peepers.  We did have our share of mud, and as of the last day of April, there were still piles of snow in shady areas along our road.  A few black flies have already put in an appearance.

Work-wise, there were a few small items, lots of “thank you” projects, and a tall 5-drawer chest, with two 6″ drawers and three 9″ drawers.

All drawer fronts were from the same board, and I alternated the grain, left to right , then right to left, just for the fun of it.  Inside, there were six dividers and a secret compartment.  IMG_1007The owner supplied “period” hardware, from the ’50’s: half round brown bakelite tubes with a brass rod in the center, supported by two brass pedestals.  Interesting.


Next week I have to prepare for a FWW photo shoot: an under the workbench storage cabinet.

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