October 2015

It was an almost perfect October.  Maybe my memory isn’t what it used to be, but the leaves this year were just extraordinary: the sugar maples, red maples, hornbeams, beeches, and even the red oaks put on a show.

IMG_1473And, as mentioned previously, it looks to be an amazing year for apples.  The turkeys and deer are outside the shop daily, availing themselves of the drops.

In the shop there were a lot of odds and ends to take care of.  A few more “thank you” projects, a refurbished secret compartment, a delivery, and a new load of cherry.  I go through about 500  Bdft of cherry a year, and this time the load was exceptional.  I ordered 10″ and wider, FAS, and got two 10″ boards , and the rest were 12″ and wider, all 14′ long.  Hard to see, but there are about 40 spectacular boards in this pile.

IMG_1487Currently I’m in the middle of a set of Haystack chairs.  The seats went to the upholsterer today, along with a whole hide of black leather.  In my spare time I finally finished the knife that I started August.  It’s been sitting there, waiting for the cherry burl handle to be fitted,  the blade re-etched and  the whole knife assembled.  While I was at it, I also made presentation box.  The knife is about 12″ long,  tempered and sharp.  I just love the look of the pattern welded (Damascus) steel.

IMG_1492We also had our annual open house with close to 40 people showing up.  Working in the woods  on a dirt road, that’s not a bad turnout.  It was Maine Craft Weekend, which probably helped.    October is also the end of the season for the Shaker Museum here at Sabbathday Lake.  That means time for the Friends of the Shakers Work Weekend.  This year the weather was perfect, and the event was well attended.

Some time ago I did an interview with Trevor Green, for his podcast  (scroll down to my name).  We covered all my favorite topics: Shaker design, wood movement, working efficiently, running a business, and hand vs machine tools.  Interesting, if you have 45 minutes to spare.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2015

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