November 2015

November was busy.  Not only in the shop, but also around the house. It’s the time to get ready for winter.   The garden needed cleaning, mulching and the last of the harvest to bring in (except for a few leeks & carrots still in the ground). The Adirondack chairs needed to be put away, the dog house cleaned, peonies cut, and the last of the leaves raked.  And of course the snow blower gassed up and tested, and the shovels and scoops brought our of the shed.

Weather-wise, it’s been up and down.  The high was 61°, and the low was 10°, major frost, but only a dusting os snow so far.

MaineAs I mention in previous years, all my customers of the past year get a wreath for the holidays.  That means I go out into our woodlot the day after deer season ends and cut 70-90 pounds of balsam fir tips.  Our friend Willow then makes them into the most wonderful wreaths.

In the shop I made a few repairs, including a spinning wheel, as well as a few small “day” projects.  The bigger pieces included a set of four Haystack chairs, two arm and two sides.  Also a standing desk, much like the one I have in the office area of my shop.

IMG_1528Under the slanted lid is a shelf and small drawer.  Underneath is a large drawer with dividers next to a small drawer.  To the right of the slanted desk is a flat surface (with pencil groove), for lap tops or coffee cups.

The last day of the month was actually the high-point: a meeting of the mutual admiration society.  Nick Offerman came up on his day off from the theater in Boston (check out A Confederacy of Dunces) to see the shop,  and get a demo of “speed tenons.”  We then drove up to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, for a full tour with Thomas, and the staff.  We had a blast, looking, talking, and checking out the tools.  The day ended with a dinner in Freeport with Nick and his lovely wife.

C.H. Becksvoort © 2015


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Photo

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