December 2015

Well, it’s the last post of 2015.  All in all, not a bad year: I made several really nice case pieces, tables, beds, a new storage box beneath my workbench, a heat-pump for the shop, wonderful visitors, and a very successful gardening year.  Not only that, but one of my favorite editors is back at Fine Woodworking..

Most of December seemed like winter would never arrive.  Temperatures were frequently in the 40’s and 50’s, we had a few dandelions blooming, and on a trip to Boston even saw forsythias beginning to appear.  Finally on December 28 it got colder and the next day we had 6″ of snow.

IMG_1539As usual, December was busy, even though as a general rule, I don’t take orders for big pieces during the month.  I did finish up a set of Haystack chairs, two arm chairs and two side chairs.

IMG_1511There were also several requests for boxes, and a variety of candle holders and sconces, and an assortment of other small items.   In my spare time I finally got around to a project started in the summer of 2014.  The 1898 sugar maple, (planted in honor of Elder Joseph Brackett, composer of Simple Gifts), which had to be cut, finally yielded some dry wood, which I carefully cut and made into a tiny tea cabinet.  A “Shaker six-pack”.  It’s only 4 1/2″ wide x 17″ tall (11.4 cm x 43.2 cm).  The door has that nice old, wavy glass, and a small cherry knob. It is fully dovetailed, and a nice mix of heart and sapwood.  It contains chamomile, ginger lemon, lavender, lemon blend, mint blend and rose hip tea.

IMG_1542It is available through the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum store, in a limited edition of 3 at $750. each.  Seldom (if ever) will you find any  C. H. Becksvoort cabinet for that price.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2015

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