April 2016

April is a funny month. It can be the end of mud season, or the beginning of spring. This year is was sort of in between. In Maine there is spring vacation, and my wife and I took a day to visit friends in Ellsworth, and again spend time to enjoy Acadia National Park. The top of Cadillac Mountain is always spectacular, although it can be quite windy. Nonetheless, most stunning.


On April 26 we were supposed to get a few snow flurries, turning to rain. Instead we got over 4″ of white. What a surprise.


Fortunately, it didn’t last. A few days later the sun was out and the first spring flowers made an appearance:  Wakerobins, and trout lilies (dog-tooth violets).

flowers (1).jpg


On the 29th we took a side trip to Tarrytown, NY.  The first of this years Cowboy Junkie concerts.  We missed them the past two years, but this year we get three chances within reasonable driving distance.

April was not all fun and games. There was serious work in the shop.  I started a 6′ bookcase, this one without the drawer.  The case is rather straightforward, but the back is always fun.  Six panels in a frame.  The frame is 1 5/8″ quartersawn cherry, for the top and sides, so I can glue it into the rabbet in the back of the cabinet, and there will be no problems with wood movement.  Gluing and clamping is always a chore, but not if you have enough clamps for the job at hand:  six three footers, and two eights.  Notice that all the panels are oiled along the edges, so that if they shrink, there’s no white wood.  Lots of sanding, to break all those edges, inside and out along the panels and frame edges.  Then all the joints have to be pinned.

IMG_1682I also made four plaques, tiger maple with walnut frames, laser engraved copy with an almost 200 year old peg from the church steeple, engraved with different names, one for each of the plaques.


The last project was a very simple 30 x 50 table/ desk, oiled cherry.  Pinned mortise & tenon corners, with braces inside, and  expansion washers to allow the top to move.  Once finished and paid for, I never want to see my pieces again.


C.H. Becksvoort © 2016



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