June 2016

Summer is always busy, and this June was no exception.  In addition to the usual shop work, teaching and writing, there are all the outside chores: the lawn, the garden, pruning and planting.  Always a pleasure to work outside in June.  Peonies, on of my favorite perennials, put on quite the show in white, pink and dark red.

IMG_1828The maple trees we planted over 30 years ago are maturing and needed to have some of their lower branches cut, so as not to shade out the rugosa roses.  There is a spot between the driveway and the house where we used to have a cherry tree, which died, and a crab apple, which the borers did in.  I finally found a beautiful specimen tree for that location, a weeping blue spruce. It only reaches 12-15 feet in height, perfect.

IMG_1817Meanwhile, there was a lot going on in the shop.  I made a nice bookcase, 24 x 36, with a paneled back, but didn’t get a photo before it got shipped out.  I also received a treasure trove of carving tools.  There was  an extra spoon gouge ,and decided to pass it on to a friend.  First, though, it needed a new handle.  I dug out a piece of hop hornbeam, and copied the old  one.  Finished with shoe-polish and oil.  Not too shabby.

IMG_1818The better part of late June was spent making another standing desk.  This one will be featured in an upcoming FWW article.  It gets assembled and photographed today.  A finished photo should be here soon.


We also had great dovetail workshops at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker village on June 25.  Well received and attended.  Upcoming on July 8 & 9, the Open House at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, ME.  Friday morning at 11 am, I’ll be giving a talk on Shaker Furniture.  Saturday evening is the lobster dinner, followed by a coincidental Cowboy Junkies concert at the Strand Theater in Rockland.  What a summer!

C.H. Becksvoort © 2016

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