October 2016

Without a doubt, October is my favorite month.  The colors, the light, the atmosphere, the lack of bugs , and the temperature all make for a great time outdoors.  We’ve had a very dry summer and were told by the powers that be, not to expect too much in the way of fall color.  On the contrary, it was a spectacular October, with brilliant colors.  Walking the dog through the woods, under red and sugar maples, the ground was littered with hues that would put a Persian carpet to shame.img_8859The month started with Maine Craft weekend.  It’s always something to look forward to, seeing friends, customers, and strangers come to the shop and showroom to chat, look, and have a few doughnuts, and cookies.  This year we had over 55 folks stop by on Saturday and Sunday.  Sold a few things, too.

The next weekend was Harvest festival at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker village.  I had a small display in the barn.  The weather was great, the people friendly, and the food, displays, and demonstrations were lots of fun.img_8847Sold a few books and DVDs, the pine wall clock found a new home, and I caught up with many of the Friends of the Shakers. At lunch I snuck out for a few photos.  This is a view of the Virginia creeper along the stone retaining wall at the Shaker cemetery.  Fall in Maine is amazing.img_8869While 2015 was the October of apples, this year there were very few.  Instead, it was the year of a most prolific mast crop.  I’ve never seen so many acorns.img_8870You couldn’t walk under an oak tree without stepping on them.  The deer and turkeys will have a good winter.  Likewise the squirrels and chipmunks. Black walnuts  like never before. I got almost a bushel, and have them shelled and drying.  A few I save out to plant around town, part of my ongoing guerilla forestry project.img_8850We had a Maine Woodworkers meeting at my shop this month.  It’s been a few years since the last one here.  Quite the gathering.  I gave a brief overview illustrated with pictures of 20 or 30 items produced by the Herbie Project, back in 2010. There were really great pieces from New England’s largest elm, made by some of Maine’s best woodworkers.  The two Herbie table tops are still at the finishers, and are awaiting their stainless steel bases.

I got my smiling face onto the printed page several times this month.  First, the cover of FWW.  The standing desk article was  the fastest turn-around from building to print, that I’ve experienced in 28 years with the magazine.  Anissa did a great job, many thanks.  And it’s also the first of the new cover designs.  Much cleaner.  Looks great, Mike.w257-1

The annual FWW Tools & Shop issue features my under the work bench storage cabinet.  It was fun and easy to make, and has made a huge difference in  organizing all those clamps, bits, glue bottles, hold downs, dogs, and other assorted detritus that previously had no place to call home.

A major treat, and a great honor, was to be featured in Nick Offerman’s new book, Good Clean Fun.  A whole chapter, no less!  Get yourself an autographed copy, direct from Nick at  the Offerman WoodShop  Or you can trot down to the local book emporium and pick up a copy there.  In either case, it’s an entertaining and informative tome.9780451484994_p0_v4_s192x300

C. H. Becksvoort © 2016

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