December 2016

Another year gone by.  A mixed blessing.

The past year in the shop had a variety of items from repaired hammered dulcimers and rocking horses to spinning tops, a contemporary blanket box  and those huge elm table tops.  I’ve got a good lineup for 2017, and am looking forward to getting more pieces into the hands of appreciative customers.

December surprised us with a variety of weather, and three good snow storms.  Temperatures ranged from a high of 50° (10°C), then a few days later it it dropped to -12° (-24°C).  Quite the contrast. Here is what it looked like, if you use your imagination:img_8924The first two snowstorms were nothing to write home about. However, on the 30th, just when we thought we’d go through December without the snowblower, we got a nice Nor’easter.  Portland got mostly rain and a few inches, farther inland, the accumulation was greater and the heavy we snow broke branches and caused power outages.  In our area, even further inland, we got 15″ (38cm), not too wet, thank goodness, so none of our trees were damaged.  Northwest of here, they got about 25″ (64cm) of powder.  The next morning was nice an sunny.  That’s my van on the left. img_8941In the shop I stayed busy as well.  Did a little private tutoring, some repairs, and a prototype that went into the wood stove.  Then I built seven of my small wall cabinets.  They are quite involved, and include half blind dovetails top and bottom, adjustable shelves, tiny extruded hinges, a mini turned knob, and restoration glass doors.  I made five out of cherry, one elm, and one out of fumed, quarter sawn white oak.  There is a reason I use mostly cherry.  The oak and elm are not fun to work.  img_8926A few month ago I got an email from a reader wanting to know how I nailed my  glass retainer strips  into the doors.  The strips are only 3/16″ x 1/8″ (.48 x .32 cm).  On doors this small and strips that tiny, hammers don’t work.  Here is the way I do it.  Have fun.

Finally, check the  Events page.  I’ve already scheduled a workshop at Lie- Nielsen Toolworks, June 10-11…

Best wishes for 2017.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2016

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