February 2017

Winter drags on.  Not as cold as in past years, but lots of snow.  Within 9 days we got over 50″ (1.27 m) of snow.  Running our of places to pile it, especially between the house and shop.  There’s just a narrow passageway.img_9022On Monday the 13th, I spent the entire day with the snowblower, and shovel.  The better part of the day I was on the showroom roof, dumping snow.  A few days later, we had a good thaw, and a big portion melted away.  So it goes.   The sun comes up earlier each day, so now when I walk the dog each morning, it’s already light and by the time we get back it’s sunny.  This time of year I always cut a few forsythia twigs to force.  That, and a bunch of purchased daffodils, makes it appear almost spring-like in the front room.img_9032

I’ve been running a few ads in Zest magazine, and have been featured on their web site.  Its interesting, since many of the folks also featured are fellow crafts people whom I’ve either made things for, bought from, or are just friends and acquaintances.  Nice.  Have a look

Despite all the snow, I still got work done in the shop.  Finished up that two drawer wall shelf , and sent it on it’s way to Virginia.img_9038Those turned legs from last month?   They became a matched set of side stands, a bit smaller than usual.  I just finished them, and sent them on to a customer in Oklahoma. img_9035Next up, a rolling, two sided, lending library.

In my spare time, such as it is, I’ve spent the past five months working on a new book for the Lost Art Press.  So far I’ve got nine chapters, out of twelve, with photos yet to be started.  The (so far) untitled book will have three sections:  the basics (of woodworking), the business, and the inspiration, featuring several Shaker pieces as well as a few of my own designs.  There may even be a few measured drawings, if I can get my act together.  The manuscript is due next fall, while the book should be available in 2018.  It all takes time.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2017

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