June 2017

Summer 2017 is in full swing.  So far it’s been mostly hot and humid, with a fair amount of rain, although we’ve had a few real nice dry days as well.   With all that moisture, it’s tough to keep ahead of the lawn.  Between the shop, the book, the lawn the garden, and  family & friends, I do take time to smell the roses.  And they are doing very well.The rugosa roses are a tough bunch, and I trim them back every year, lest they get too leggy.   In addition the peonies are in full bloom, as are the Siberian irises and lemon day lilies.IMG_9149.jpg

I also got the vegetable garden planted: carrots, tomatoes, winter squash, spinach, lettuce, and leeks.

Bad news and good news in the shop.  At the end of May, my 30+ year old Makita planer gave up the ghost. The out-feed roller shaft broke, breaking part of the side casting and a few drive gears.  Since it hasn’t been made in about a decade, parts were unavailable.  So it was time for a new planer.  At FWW’s tool guru, Rollie Johnson’s suggestion, I got a 15″ Powermatic with the helical head.  A great machine:  fast, smooth and quiet.

I only lost about 1- 1/2 weeks of shop time without a planer.   I had to work overtime to get a small bookcase done, the one I started in May and that sat around for a while.  I usually make it with glass doors, but the customer requested wooden door panels.  This case is only 40″ tall.  Nice beside the bed or easy chair.Next up was an 88″ trestle table.  The base consists of two turned posts, arched feet and braces, connected by a long rail, held in place by four bed bolts with buried nuts.  The top had only two boards.  It’s a real pain to slide a board that long, 17″ wide and 1 1/4″ thick across my 8″ jointer.  So I resort to the Lie-Nielsen #7 jointer plane,   with a shooting board.  It always gets the job done.  I clamp one board in the vise, and set the other on on top.  When no daylight shows along the entire length, the boards are ready to glue up.

Finally, the bread boards are added, drilled, holes elongated, and the whole business is glue and clamped.  It’s nice to have a few 8′ clamps.Sanding and oiling next week.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2017

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