October 2017

October is my favorite month.  Not only because it’s my birth month, but many other reasons;  the fall colors, the cooler air, no bugs, and its sweater and turtleneck time again.  There’s nothing like wandering through the woods with the dog, enjoying the colors, smells, and the crisp air.   We’re truly lucky here in Maine. IMG_9322

October was also  another busy month, yet very little happened in the shop.  First, there was Maine Craft Weekend.  Each year it gets better.  We had close to 60 visitors over the course of two days.  Many familiar faces, and many new ones, some from close by others from out of state.  I sold quite a few tools that had been collecting in the shop, but had not been put to proper use.  A few are left for the next sale.

And, the Friends of the Shakers had their annual work day  on October 28.  I started out cleaning windows.  Ever looked at 200 year old glass? 

Then I spent a few hours  raking leaves.  Not that much fun, but there was a whole crew of willing folks.  Lunch on work day is always a treat at the Shaker village.  Great food and wonderful desserts.  After lunch, I spent 2 hours cutting brush with one other person.  This was the same area we cut 3 years ago.  It had all grown back.   We left a pile 6′ high and  about 18′ long.

The better part of the month was spent on the yet unnamed book.  I finally got all the writing done, and found a willing and talented artist to do the drawings.  We spent a morning at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker village taking photos.  Leslie at the Hancock Shaker village   sent me several wonderful photos and Jerry at the Shaker  Museum  at Mt. Lebanon   also sent a great shots, all of which will be included.  Between research, writing, and organizing, my desk was a confused mess.

Hopefully the whole package will depart in a week or two, on its way to Lost Art Press.  There, Chris, John, and Megan, as well a a few other talented souls will turn a small hard drive into a book for all to enjoy.  Give or take a year.  Stay tuned.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2017

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