June 2018

Summer is here!  It was hot, hazy and humid today, and  will be for the next few days.  Everything is in full bloom, roses, peonies, and of course my favorite combo, lemon day lilies and Siberian irises.And the garden is finally in.  We had a late May frost so I didn’t get the bulk of the planting done until early June.  The tomatoes, leeks, carrots, and winter squash are  doing just fine.  No bugs, deer, groundhogs or problems yet.  This is what it looked like the second week in June.   This is where all my planer shavings go.Way off in the back, I need to add two more garden beds, the rhubarb is already in one, onions and other goodies will go in the other.  I finally got a load of black locust boards, 1 x 8 x 12 feet long, waiting to be made into 5 ft x 10 f t beds.  They should outlast me and the garden, black locust being one of the most decay resistant native woods.  For a few years now we’ve had a summertime tradition:  A friend and fellow woodworker, an arborist, and I go on a Saturday “Big Trees & Beer” tour around Portland.  This year we saw the biggest copper beech, the only redwood, and the biggest ginko in the area.  The ginko was supposedly brought from China by a Maine sea captain in the late 1800’s  We also got to sample some really tasty brews around town.  Maine has a plethora of really great craft breweries.  So much to enjoy.Aside from the summertime frivolities, there was work to be done in the shop.  After many years of plugging in my dust system, each time I turned on the table saw, I finally added a wooden switch stick.  Hey it works.The big project of the month was another standing desk.  Each one is slightly different depending on the needs and whims of the customer.  This most recent desk had a small frame around the upper part of the writing surface, and a sliding book trough below.Smaller projects included two plant tables, and another dining table.  I finally completed the new chandeliers: cherry, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and either LED or real candles.  Available in either 8, 10 or 12 arm versions.  One is on its way to the new Maine Crafts Association shop in Portland. Finally, the new DVD “Build a Shaker Lap Desk”  is available, courtesy of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks  Still awaiting the yet untitled book…

C. H. Becksvoort © 2018

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