July 2018

This July was mostly hot and humid, with a little decent weather in between.  Just right for the  garden, which is doing very well.  With a few more sunny days, the tomatoes will be about ready to harvest and eat.  Meanwhile, the winter squash is taking over the beds in the back row (which I alternate; this year it’s alfalfa).  It does look like the lawn needs mowing.  I’ve got so many things going on that mowing is usually at the bottom of the list. I can sometimes avoid it for up to three weeks.  More in dry weather.

Potted plans and annuals are in full bloom.  Geraniums, fuchsia,  and petunias.All that humidity means a lot of foggy mornings as well.  We’re taking full advantage of summer.  A few days ago, we went blueberry picking, and  got almost eight pounds off of just four bushes, in about half hour.  What a treat.Thank goodness for the heat pump in the shop.  It stays relatively cool and dry.  I made a small bookcase with three shelves.  Also four swinging arm wall lamp brackets.  Three tiger maple and one in cherry.  Three are off to Tandem Glass  for some really cool shades.  I need to make a few more., including the curved version.  These are in demand.  A few will be in the new Maine Craft Portland location, a new outlet just opened by the MCA.

The big project currently is cherry day-bed, twin XL.  Basically a simple, rectangular frame with slats for mattress and cushions.  I spent almost a whole day making 50 mortises, all of which have to align perfectly. Oiling and assembly will be fun.  I’ll have photos when it’s done and back from the upholsterer.

Lastly, some good news. Believe it or not, the new book has a tentative title: Shaker Inspiration: Five Decades of Fine Craftsmanship.  Layout should be done in the near future.  Be on the look out at the Lost Art Press in early 2019!

C.  H. Becksvoort © 2018


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