November 2018

Lots of small, large, interesting, boring, significant, memorable, and best forgotten projects and events this November.   Earlier this month we took a morning off to drive to Reid State Park, where my wife was doing a photo shoot. The park has, I think, the best of both worlds:  a long sand beach, and a rocky headland.  It is particularly  fun in November, after a storm and after the tourists have left.  There were even a few surfers.Just a few days later, we had our first significant snow.  Three, actually, serious enough to close schools.  That’s three snow days before winter has officially started.On one of the non-snow days I got a call from my upholsterer, that the day bed was finally done.  It turned out really well, with gray leather, gray and black leather pillows, and light gray canvas bolsters.  Looks great in its new home.I got to build two breakfast tables. The first was missing a detail that the customer really liked.   I hardly ever build the same piece the same way.  But the customer is paying, so he or she gets what they want.  The second will get shipped off with six other pieces, while the first one will find a home locally.  I try to do whatever it takes to keep customers satisfied and coming back.  It’s good business.Also built a Shaker round stand, that graceful one with the wine-bottle shaped post.I started a Shaker style bed, which I’m hoping to finish next week, barring any unforeseen interruptions. The posts are done, and yesterday I did the rails and bed bolts.At last, the new book, Shaker Inspirations, is in the Lost Art Press warehouse and will ship out next week.  It’s been a few years in the making, and I for one, am anxious to hold a copy.  Those who pre-ordered should have theirs soon.  If you haven’t ordered one yet, there is still time before the holidays.

I’m also going through my five decades of accumulated stuff and trying to downsize.  Just sold my Stanley #77 dowel maker.  The Norris #61 plane is still on ebay.  Have a look if you’re interested

Lastly, after much arm twisting and figuring out how to do this without a phone (yes, I still have a rotary land line in my shop), I’ve succumbed to the lure of Instagram.  Now that’s something!

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