December 2018

Another year gone by.  A usual, there were ups and downs, but all in all, more ups! First the weather was iffy,  went to below zero, and then a few days of rain.  We actually had more snow in November than this month.Despite the weather I still go for my morning and evening walks.  It de-stresses, and  makes me appreciate what’s good in my life, and the beautiful state I live in.  One of my favorite places is at the bottom of the hill, along a stone wall through our woods.The high point this month (or maybe even the entire year) was the publication, and arrival of my third book, Shaker Inspiration.  It consists of three parts, basic woodworking, business practices, and the inspiration I’ve gotten from Shaker designs.  Included are 20 measured drawings by Jim Richey.  My wife, Peg, took most of the photos.  So far the book is doing well, and has been enthusiastically received.I made a couple of wall lamps at the beginning of the month, both curved and straight.  The straight version will be featured in Fine Woodworking soon.  The glass globes are by Tandem Glass, of Dresden, ME.The big December project in the shop was a media cabinet, a low case with mitered corners, the whole sitting on a short base.  The upper portion was 5′ long and 20″ deep, but only 12″ high.  Cutting the miters was not a problem, neither was cutting stopped grooves for 19″ splines in each miter.  Gluing and aligning the fragile 1/8″ splines into four corners at once with no help was a challenge.  It all went well.  The sliding doors were also problematic, since the customer wanted plain-sawn figured wood, not quarter-sawn or frame and panel doors.  I left plenty of room for expansion at the top, routed in two dovetailed battens in each door and gave them an extra coat of oil/ spar varnish mix. The customer also wanted carvings in the bed I’d completed previously.  That was quick work.  I enjoy carving.  It’s quiet, no machinery involved, but I can crank up the music.  Love and Peace go well with a bed, both on the inner side of the head and foot rails.Believe it or not, I finally got a phone.  Well actually it’s a portable computer that sometimes acts as a phone.  Anyway, it’s now much easier to do Instagram, and way more fun.   Have a look at the site.

Happy New Year, or Glückliches neues Jahr.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2018

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