March 2019

March is kind of a transition month in Maine. We go from deep winter to the beginning of spring in a matter of a few days or weeks. There were two snow storms at the start of the month, then slowly the temperatures began a slight increase.

A few weeks later, there were several spots where real ground made an appearance. We had our first snowdrops and snowflakes, and even the small crocuses next to the house foundation.

A few days ago the first red-winged blackbirds returned, followed in short order by robins. We’re still awaiting bluebirds, woodcock, kestrels and the return of the summer warblers.

Our road is currently a combination of oozing mud, and layers of ice an sand. Running east-west, there are parts that may be drying out soon, and shady sections that still have big snowbanks left by the plows. The forest and fields are also a mix of bare ground, standing water and deep snow. Shady portion on northern hillsides still have snow up to my knees.

I did mange to get a few things done in the shop, although I no longer put in my 60 hours a week. For starters there were two Haystack armchairs, which were delivered just a few days ago. These are among my favorite and most comfortable chairs.

I also built a small table with four tapered legs, arched rails, and a rectangular top. It’s still in need of a finish. The bulk of the rest of the time was spent working on a king sized pencil post bed. It takes a while to get the posts cut out of 12/4 cherry, squared up, tapered on four sides, and then beveled on each corner to produce the octagon above and below the square section. Then the offset holes for the bed bolts, and finally the rails. In my humble opinion, the king size pencil post is the least attractive, since it looks almost like a cube at . This will be my last one of that size.

I had hoped to get the rails edged and the headboard made this past Saturday. However, between the farmer’s market, Saturday chores, and the Bruins game, nothing happened in the shop, and those chores will have to happen April first, no fooling. Oh, and there are also four finials to turn, the canopy to make, bed irons to install and cross slats and braces to cut and fit.

That’s it for this month, but you can stay updated on my Instagram page, for more trivia and small but interesting occurrences.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2019

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