June 2019

It doesn’t get much better than June in Maine. Vacationland. this past month was a bit rainy, and everything turned a lush green: lawns, trees, weeds and flowers including ladies slippers and lilacs.

Even the black cherry trees put on a show, although they don’t smell nearly as good as the lilacs.

We had a few business related items going on this month. I took two pieces down to the KoT Gallery in Ellsworth, a 4-arm walnut chandelier and a carved door wall cabinet.

Ellsworth is such a nice town, once you get off of State street and onto Mains street. We had a tasty time at Fogtown brewery.

I tend to take it easy in the summer, and spend a bit more time enjoying friends, family, the garden and Maine. But work still needs to get done. The current big project in the shop is a tiger maple slant top desk. It features 4 large drawers, three smaller drawers, a lid a door, pigeon holes and two document drawers. Locks, hinges and pulls are all solid brass. It will be close to 200 hours all told. Then off to the finisher for maple dye and varnish.

This past week we had a FWW photo shoot on building and fitting the gallery to the slant top desk. Lots of small fussy work, but it all came together, thanks to Anissa’s photo skills. However, all was not work. We managed to get in a few additional photos for an upcoming FWW article on making a Shaker berry basket. For authenticity, we had to go pick, eat and photograph strawberries. We may even get a short interview out of this, thanks to Ben Strano.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2019

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