August 2019

August in Maine. Summer is winding down. It’s been real busy. Word is leaking out that I’m considering retirement. True, but… not this year. Maybe next, or the year after. Time to get your order in, the one you’ve been thinking about for the last few years. Be forewarned that I’m no longer building big cases, only taking orders for smaller items. Here are a few examples of what went out of the shop this past month: First a series of five pen & ink drawings my daughter did for the book With The Grain, each tree framed with the wood of that species.

I made a cherry music stand, VII, with the customer’s favorite verse laser engraved (too small to see in the photos).

I’m currently working on a king size low post bed, with nice egg turnings on the top of each post.

Lastly, I finally had the slant top desk dyed and finished by Jon Brandon at East Point Conservation Studio in Brunswick. An amazing job, just look a that tiger strip maple. The brass hardware is from Horton Brasses.

Around the shop this month, I noticed that the red efts were on the move, crossing our dirt road, and looking for places to spend the winter. This little one was only about 1 1/4″ (3.2 cm) long

In our fields and along the road, the early asters and black eyed Susans are in full bloom. Just waiting for the fall asters to make an appearance.

You can see more everyday photos on my Instagram page. Have a look.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2019

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