November 2019

November, like March, is one of those months that I could do without. Not much going on outside. It’s that time between the colors of fall and the white stillness of winter. So far, no major snowstorms, just cold, melting, more cold, mud or dust on the road. Frost crystals up close on some of the plants look look like fur.

The pond up the road is frozen, but not yet thick enough to skate on.

November is the time of year when I try to show my appreciation to my customers of the past year, by sending them each a Maine balsam fir wreath.

In the shop, I had several small projects, as well as one I’ve been putting off for decades. In 1974 I made a walnut and marble coffee table, which had a rather rickety base. I finally found some time to properly re-build the base, with slightly thicker legs and rails, and wider braces with through tenons. It’s amazing what 45 years of experience can teach you.

Besides a few thank you items, I made another round stand, the one with the wine bottle shaped post.

I think I’ve made over thirty of these stands. There are two that I make on a regular basis, that to me typify the essence of Shaker understated design and function. True classics.

We also made a trip up to Ellsworth, ME to take the last Snow Glider© to the KoT Gallery. It sits in the window as a really nice seasonal window display. Need a limited edition Snow Glider© for the kids or grandkids? Contact KoT Gallery.

That’s it for this month. Be sure to check out my Instagram site, for fun little bits and pieces that don’t make it into the blog.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2019

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