December 2019

Another year gone by. Each seems to pass a bit faster. This being my 70th, it really flew. However, it was a pretty good year and a very good month.

Ever since I can remember, the Sabbathday Lake Shakers have had their annual Christmas Fair the first Saturday in December. This year was bright, chilly and breezy. The fair was, as usual, extremely well attended.

In the shop, I had two projects that were rather small but labor intensive. Several years ago I bought a box full of small, wood drawers at the Union Antique Fair. They’ve been sitting around gathering dust, waiting to be put to use. I finally decided to give them a home, building a case to house them. It took a while to come up with the correct layout, and I ended up having to make a few new drawers. There is nothing more challenging than making a case for existing drawers. The dividers between some are of different dimensions to accommodate the various sizes. The fronts are all of quarter sawn cherry.

Another project was a small toolbox, made of scraps of soft maple, white pine, ash and birds eye maple. It has several layers, sliding trays and movable dividers. Another small but detailed project.

In our free time, we made a few trips to Portland, for shopping, entertainment and to see the decorations.

We alos took a side trip to Popham Beach. The beach is overrun in the summer but wonderfully deserted in December. Scenic and peaceful.

Weather wise, winter arrived on the 21st and we got our first real snow on the 30th. Two days worth of steady snow, for a total of about 13″.

All in all, a good year and a wonderful month. Best wishes to all for a peaceful, successful, and healthy 2020.

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