January 2020

Cold and busy describes January 2020. We had two snowstorms, nothing overwhelming, but enough to eat up two mornings clearing the driveway.

As usual, I take daily walks through the woods to start (and sometimes end) the day. The path along the lower stone wall is one of my favorite areas to walk, explore and observe.

Last fall, New Gloucester got its very own brewery, NU. They had a mid month ice bar which was quite popular. There were several ice sculptures, as well as some really cold beer.

In the shop, I had a two day photo shoot for an upcoming article in Fine Woodworking magazine. This time it will be the wall shelf with the suspended drawers. Looking forward to seeing it in print. I haven’t decided what to use for knobs yet.

I’m also working on four Haystack chairs, to arm chairs and two side chairs. It takes a fair amount of concentration to keep the the parts straight.

In addition, the seats need to be glued up, over a form. I use six pieces of 1/8″ bending plywood, a few sheets of plastic, and many band clamps.

The hand sanding is the most boring and time consuming part of chair construction. Since these chairs are in my catalog, they are made in multiples and require several jigs to make the work more consistent. After the padded leather seats come back from the upholsterer, and the frames are oiled, the completed chairs are rather comfy, and invite you to sit and enjoy. The armchairs are done, while the side chairs should be finished the first week in February.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2020

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