June 2020

Another month of lockdown. Living on a dirt road in Maine suddenly has its advantages. We go out walking through the woods daily. It’s always a treat, most pleasant and stress relieving. You never know what you might see or hear. Last week we had a barred owl sitting above us on the trail. June is the month for all sorts of birds, including my favorite, the hermit thrush.

In the garden the peonies are in bloom, one of the most luscious of the perennials.

Around the house and shop we’re doing a bit of maintenance and fix up. After over forty years we were tired of having the Durham road in our kitchen, and finally had the driveway paved. Not only is it cleaner in the house, and it looks great, but it will make snow removal so much easier.

In the shop, I refinished two pieces that I built back in 1986, a credenza and a desk. Structurally, they held up very well, but were a bit shopworn (abused, actually). I scraped, sanded down to 500 grit, until all scratches, stains and gouges were gone. Even before the finish, the surfaces had a nice reflection.

Between the re-finishing and outdoor projects, I built two small pieces, a tiny wall cabinet to hold a whiskey bottle, (it doesn’t show very well but the glass is old restoration glass),

and a good size keepsake box. Both are made of cherry, with dovetailed corners and an oil finish.

For those interested, I’m still sending out lots of books, With the Grain, (Lost Art Press 2015), The Shaker Legacy (Taunton Press, 1998), and Shaker Inspiration (Lost Art Press, 2018), all three available through my website, www.chbecksvoort.com, listed under Cool Stuff. Other goodies as well.

In addition, there are several half price pieces listed in the Specials section. I’m trying to lighten the showroom prior to retirement. Check it out, as well as my Instagram site


C. H.Becksvoort © 2020

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