July 2020

The masked man only goes out one day a week for chores, sanding, hardware, the bank, lumber yard, and shipping. The rest of the week is pretty normal. July doesn’t care whether there is a pandemic or not. We still walk through our woods, the birds still sing, and the late summer flowers are still in bloom.

We took a few days off to head up the coast, to Trenton and Acadia National Park. The usual crowds were missing this year, and we had several of our favorite places almost to ourselves. Very relaxing and enjoyable. I do enjoy enforced down time.

The weather was not very cooperative, but it really didn’t matter. Maine is spectacular in any weather.

Back in New Gloucester, I sold a few items from the showroom. In the shop I built three small pieces, two whiskey cabinets, 5 x 5 x 19, with restoration glass doors, and…

my current favorite Shaker candle stand, the simple, almost straight post version with the arched legs. A really stunning design from about 1820. The magazine Antiques called it “the finest stand (built in) America.”

A major project, which has not been completed, but only gets worked on in spare time, is a blanket box. This on is really special since it is made of recycled chestnut and will have a walnut base and trim around the lid. I had the hinges custom made, but the box will have to wait until late August, since I have other work scheduled, and this is a spec piece.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2020

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