August 2020

An August like none other. We live in strange times. However, here in Maine we are quite fortunate. Only one day a week do I don the mask and head into town to do chores.

Fall is definitely in the air. Blueberries have gone by and blackberries and apples are starting to ripen. Queen Anne’s lace, early asters and black-eyed Susans are in full bloom

The month started with a FWW photo shoot of the square rigged wall shelf, a five-shelf unit on a single vertical rib. A handsome and useful piece, sold and on its way to a new home.

The big project of course was the chestnut blanket box, started last month. The sides were recycled chestnut church pew backs, while the top was made of a recently cut, native Maine chestnut. Dereck Glaser made the hinges. The trim and dovetailed molding are black walnut. A one of a kind piece, never to be reproduced. It too, has already found a home. the owner and I agreed on a generous donation to The American Chestnut Foundation.

All the work this month was not in the shop. The painters were busy outside: feather gray clapboards and white trim. I had to do some replacements on the door boards and I added a new deck to the house entrance. Looks good.

C. H. Becksvoort © 2020

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